Commit d72908b6 authored by Maxime Lesourd's avatar Maxime Lesourd Committed by Björn Brandenburg

Renaming in schedule.v

parent 7a9c7cbf
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Definition schedule (PState : Type) := instant -> PState.
Class JobCost (J : JobType) := job_cost : J -> nat.
Section Service.
Section Schedule.
Context {Job : eqType} {PState : Type}.
Context `{ProcessorState Job PState}.
......@@ -71,10 +71,8 @@ Section Service.
Definition remaining_cost j t :=
job_cost j - service j t.
(* In this section, we define properties of valid schedules. *)
Section ValidSchedules.
Variable (arr_seq : arrival_sequence Job).
(* In this section, we define valid schedules. *)
Section ValidSchedule.
(* We define whether jobs come from some arrival sequence... *)
Definition jobs_come_from_arrival_sequence (arr_seq : arrival_sequence Job) :=
......@@ -88,5 +86,13 @@ Section Service.
Definition completed_jobs_dont_execute :=
forall j t, service j t <= job_cost j.
End ValidSchedules.
End Service.
(* We say that the schedule is valid iff
- jobs come from some arrival sequence
- a job can only be scheduled if it has arrived and is not completed yet *)
Definition schedule_is_valid (arr_seq : arrival_sequence Job) :=
jobs_come_from_arrival_sequence arr_seq /\
jobs_must_arrive_to_execute /\
End ValidSchedule.
End Schedule.
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