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Renaming in arrival_sequence.v

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......@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ End JobProperties.
Class JobArrival (J : JobType) := job_arrival : J -> instant.
(* Next, we define properties of a valid arrival sequence. *)
Section ArrivalSequenceProperties.
(* Next, we define valid arrival sequences. *)
Section ValidArrivalSequence.
(* Assume that job arrival times are known. *)
Context {Job: JobType}.
......@@ -59,10 +59,15 @@ Section ArrivalSequenceProperties.
jobs at any given time. *)
Definition arrival_sequence_is_a_set := forall t, uniq (jobs_arriving_at arr_seq t).
End ArrivalSequenceProperties.
(* We say that the arrival sequence is valid iff it is a set and arrival times
are consistent *)
Definition arrival_sequence_is_valid :=
arrival_times_are_consistent /\ arrival_sequence_is_a_set.
End ValidArrivalSequence.
(* Next, we define properties of job arrival times. *)
Section PropertiesOfArrivalTime.
Section ArrivalTimeProperties.
(* Assume that job arrival times are known. *)
Context {Job: JobType}.
......@@ -83,7 +88,7 @@ Section PropertiesOfArrivalTime.
some time t with t1 <= t < t2. *)
Definition arrived_between (t1 t2 : instant) := t1 <= job_arrival j < t2.
End PropertiesOfArrivalTime.
End ArrivalTimeProperties.
(* In this section, we define arrival sequence prefixes, which are useful to
define (computable) properties over sets of jobs in the schedule. *)
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