Commit 848b0214 authored by Maxime Lesourd's avatar Maxime Lesourd Committed by Björn Brandenburg
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add task_cost containing definitions related to the WCET model

parent 41717e83
From rt.restructuring.behavior Require Export task arrival.arrival_sequence.
Section TaskCost.
Context {T : TaskType}.
Variable (task_cost : duration).
Definition valid_task_cost := task_cost > 0.
End TaskCost.
(* Definition of a generic type of parameter for task cost *)
Class TaskCost (T : TaskType) := task_cost : T -> duration.
Section TasksetCosts.
Context {T : TaskType} `{TaskCost T}.
Variable ts : seq T.
Definition valid_taskset_costs :=
forall tsk : T,
tsk \in ts ->
task_cost tsk > 0.
Context {J : JobType} `{JobTask J T} `{JobCost J}.
Variable arr_seq : arrival_sequence J.
Definition respects_taskset_costs :=
forall j,
arrives_in arr_seq j ->
job_cost j <= task_cost (job_task j).
End TasksetCosts.
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