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Enable continuous integration

Using the official Coq Docker images kindly provided by the Coq community:

Using the following CI template as a starting point:
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# Taken from
- build
stage: build
image: coqorg/${CI_JOB_NAME}
- if [ -n "${COMPILER_EDGE}" ]; then opam switch ${COMPILER_EDGE} && eval $(opam env); fi
- opam update -y
# NOTE: we currently fix the mathcomp version to 1.8.0 here because
# version 1.9.0 causes a build failure that still needs to be
# investigated.
- opam install -y -j ${NJOBS} coq-mathcomp-ssreflect.1.8.0
- opam config list
- opam repo list
- opam list
- sudo chown -R coq:coq "$CI_PROJECT_DIR"
- ./
- make -j ${NJOBS}
- make validate
extends: .build
# Currently does not work with fixed ssreflect version
# extends: .build
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