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Copied model/schedule/uni/basic/platform_tdma.v to restructuring/model/schedule/tdma.v

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......@@ -78,11 +78,55 @@ Section TDMADefinitions.
(* We define the function returning the slot offset for each task:
i.e., the distance between the start of the TDMA cycle and
the start of the task time slot *)
Definition Task_slot_offset (tsk : Task) :=
Definition task_slot_offset (tsk : Task) :=
\sum_(prev_task <- ts | slot_order prev_task tsk && (prev_task != tsk)) task_time_slot prev_task.
(* The following function tests whether a task is in its time slot at instant t *)
Definition Task_in_time_slot (tsk : Task) (t:instant):=
((t + TDMA_cycle - (Task_slot_offset tsk)%% TDMA_cycle) %% TDMA_cycle)
Definition task_in_time_slot (tsk : Task) (t:instant):=
((t + TDMA_cycle - (task_slot_offset tsk)%% TDMA_cycle) %% TDMA_cycle)
< (task_time_slot tsk).
End TDMADefinitions.
Section TDMASchedule.
Context {Task : TaskType} {Job : JobType}.
Context `{JobArrival Job} `{JobCost Job} `{JobTask Job Task}.
(* Consider any job arrival sequence... *)
Variable arr_seq : arrival_sequence Job.
(* ..., any uniprocessor ideal schedule ... *)
Variable sched : schedule (option Job).
(* ... and any sporadic task set. *)
Variable ts: {set Task}.
Context `{TDMAPolicy Task}.
(* In order to characterize a TDMA policy, we first define whether a job is executing its TDMA slot at time t. *)
Definition job_in_time_slot (job:Job) (t:instant):=
task_in_time_slot ts (job_task job) t.
(* We say that a TDMA policy is respected by the schedule iff
1. when a job is scheduled at time t, then the corresponding task
is also in its own time slot... *)
Definition sched_implies_in_slot j t:=
scheduled_at sched j t -> job_in_time_slot j t.
(* 2. when a job is backlogged at time t,the corresponding task
isn't in its own time slot or another previous job of the same task is scheduled *)
Definition backlogged_implies_not_in_slot_or_other_job_sched j t:=
backlogged sched j t ->
~ job_in_time_slot j t \/
exists j_other, arrives_in arr_seq j_other/\
job_arrival j_other < job_arrival j/\
job_task j = job_task j_other/\
scheduled_at sched j_other t.
Definition respects_TDMA_policy:=
forall (j:Job) (t:instant),
arrives_in arr_seq j ->
sched_implies_in_slot j t /\
backlogged_implies_not_in_slot_or_other_job_sched j t.
End TDMASchedule.
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -39,9 +39,9 @@ Section TDMAFacts.
(* Slot offset is less then cycle *)
Lemma Offset_lt_cycle:
Task_slot_offset ts task < TDMA_cycle ts.
task_slot_offset ts task < TDMA_cycle ts.
rewrite /Task_slot_offset /TDMA_cycle big_mkcond.
rewrite /task_slot_offset /TDMA_cycle big_mkcond.
apply leq_ltn_trans with (n:=\sum_(prev_task <- ts )if prev_task!=task then task_time_slot prev_task else 0).
- apply leq_sum. intros* T. case (slot_order i task);auto.
- rewrite -big_mkcond (bigD1_seq task)?set_uniq//=.
......@@ -53,9 +53,9 @@ Section TDMAFacts.
(* For a task, the sum of its slot offset and its time slot is
less then or equal to cycle. *)
Lemma Offset_add_slot_leq_cycle:
Task_slot_offset ts task + task_time_slot task <= TDMA_cycle ts.
task_slot_offset ts task + task_time_slot task <= TDMA_cycle ts.
rewrite /Task_slot_offset /TDMA_cycle.
rewrite /task_slot_offset /TDMA_cycle.
rewrite addnC (bigD1_seq task) //=. rewrite leq_add2l.
rewrite big_mkcond.
replace (\sum_(i <- ts | i != task) task_time_slot i)
......@@ -94,11 +94,11 @@ Section TDMAFacts.
tsk2 \in ts ->
slot_order tsk1 tsk2 ->
tsk1 != tsk2 ->
Task_slot_offset ts tsk2 >=
Task_slot_offset ts tsk1 + task_time_slot tsk1 .
task_slot_offset ts tsk2 >=
task_slot_offset ts tsk1 + task_time_slot tsk1 .
intros* IN1 IN2 ORDER NEQ.
rewrite /Task_slot_offset big_mkcond addnC/=.
rewrite /task_slot_offset big_mkcond addnC/=.
replace (\sum_(tsk <- ts | slot_order tsk tsk2 && (tsk != tsk2)) task_time_slot tsk)
with (task_time_slot tsk1 + \sum_(tsk <- ts )if slot_order tsk tsk2 && (tsk != tsk1) && (tsk!=tsk2) then task_time_slot tsk else O).
rewrite leq_add2l. apply leq_sum_seq. intros* IN T.
......@@ -117,15 +117,15 @@ Section TDMAFacts.
Lemma task_in_time_slot_uniq:
forall tsk1 tsk2 t, tsk1 \in ts -> task_time_slot tsk1 > 0 ->
tsk2 \in ts -> task_time_slot tsk2 > 0 ->
Task_in_time_slot ts tsk1 t ->
Task_in_time_slot ts tsk2 t ->
task_in_time_slot ts tsk1 t ->
task_in_time_slot ts tsk2 t ->
tsk1 = tsk2.
intros* IN1 SLOT1 IN2 SLOT2.
rewrite /Task_in_time_slot.
rewrite /task_in_time_slot.
set cycle:=TDMA_cycle ts.
set O1:= Task_slot_offset ts tsk1.
set O2:= Task_slot_offset ts tsk2.
set O1:= task_slot_offset ts tsk1.
set O2:= task_slot_offset ts tsk2.
have CO1: O1 < cycle by apply Offset_lt_cycle.
have CO2: O2 < cycle by apply Offset_lt_cycle.
have C: cycle > 0 by apply (TDMA_cycle_positive tsk1).
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