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Add preemption model

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From rt.restructuring.behavior Require Import job schedule.
From rt.restructuring.model Require Import job task.
From mathcomp Require Import ssreflect ssrbool ssrfun eqtype ssrnat seq fintype bigop.
(** * Platform with limited preemptions *)
(** Since the notion of preemption points is based on an user-provided
predicate (variable job_can_be_preempted), it does not guarantee that
the scheduler will enforce correct behavior. For that, we must
define additional predicates. *)
Section ValidPreemptionModel.
(* Consider any type of tasks ... *)
Context {Task : TaskType}.
Context `{TaskCost Task}.
(* ... and any type of jobs associated with these tasks. *)
Context {Job : JobType}.
Context `{JobTask Job Task}.
Context `{JobArrival Job}.
Context `{JobCost Job}.
(* In addition, we assume the existence of a function
maping jobs to theirs preemption points ... *)
Context `{JobPreemptable Job}.
(* Consider any kind of processor state model, ... *)
Context {PState : Type}.
Context `{ProcessorState Job PState}.
(* ... any job arrival sequence, ... *)
Variable arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job.
(* ... and any given schedule. *)
Variable sched: schedule PState.
(* For simplicity, let's define some local names. *)
Let job_pending := pending sched.
Let job_completed_by := completed_by sched.
Let job_scheduled_at := scheduled_at sched.
(* We require that a job has to be executed at least one time instant
in order to reach a nonpreemptive segment. In other words, a job
must start execution to become non-preemptive. *)
Definition job_cannot_become_nonpreemptive_before_execution (j : Job) :=
job_preemptable j 0.
(* And vice versa, a job cannot remain non-preemptive after its completion. *)
Definition job_cannot_be_nonpreemptive_after_completion (j : Job) :=
job_preemptable j (job_cost j).
(* Next, if a job j is not preemptive at some time instant t,
then j must be scheduled at time t. *)
Definition not_preemptive_implies_scheduled (j : Job) :=
forall t,
~~ job_preemptable j (service sched j t) ->
job_scheduled_at j t.
(* A job can start its execution only from a preemption point. *)
Definition execution_starts_with_preemption_point (j : Job) :=
forall prt,
~~ job_scheduled_at j prt ->
job_scheduled_at j prt.+1 ->
job_preemptable j (service sched j prt.+1).
(* We say that a preemption model is a valid preemption model if
all the assumptions given above are satisfied for any job. *)
Definition valid_preemption_model :=
forall j,
arrives_in arr_seq j ->
job_cannot_become_nonpreemptive_before_execution j
/\ job_cannot_be_nonpreemptive_after_completion j
/\ not_preemptive_implies_scheduled j
/\ execution_starts_with_preemption_point j.
End ValidPreemptionModel.
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