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Add sporadic task model

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From rt.restructuring.behavior Require Export arrival.arrival_sequence task.
Section TaskMinInterArrivalTime.
Context {T : TaskType}.
Variable (task_min_inter_arrival_time : duration).
Definition valid_task_min_inter_arrival_time :=
task_min_inter_arrival_time > 0.
End TaskMinInterArrivalTime.
(* Definition of a generic type of parameter for task
minimum inter arrival times *)
Class SporadicModel (T : TaskType) :=
task_min_inter_arrival_time : T -> duration.
Section SporadicModel.
Context {T : TaskType} `{SporadicModel T}.
Variable ts : seq T.
Definition valid_taskset_min_inter_arrival_times :=
forall tsk : T,
tsk \in ts ->
task_min_inter_arrival_time tsk > 0.
Context {J : JobType} `{JobTask J T} `{JobArrival J}.
Variable arr_seq : arrival_sequence J.
(* Then, we define the sporadic task model as follows.*)
Definition respects_sporadic_task_model :=
forall (j j': J),
j <> j' -> (* Given two different jobs j and j' ... *)
arrives_in arr_seq j -> (* ...that belong to the arrival sequence... *)
arrives_in arr_seq j' ->
job_task j = job_task j' -> (* ... and that are spawned by the same task, ... *)
job_arrival j <= job_arrival j' -> (* ... if the arrival of j precedes the arrival of j' ..., *)
(* then the arrival of j and the arrival of j' are separated by at least one period. *)
job_arrival j' >= job_arrival j + task_min_inter_arrival_time (job_task j).
End SporadicModel.
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