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add two notions of "all deadlines met" independent of tasks

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......@@ -106,3 +106,63 @@ Section Schedulability.
End Schedulability.
(** We further define two notions of "all deadlines met" that do not
depend on a task abstraction: one w.r.t. all scheduled jobs in a
given schedule and one w.r.t. all jobs that arrive in a given
arrival sequence. *)
Section AllDeadlinesMet.
(* Consider any given type of jobs... *)
Context {Job : JobType} `{JobCost Job} `{JobDeadline Job} `{JobArrival Job}.
(* ... any given type of processor states. *)
Context {PState: eqType}.
Context `{ProcessorState Job PState}.
(* We say that all deadlines are met if every job scheduled at some
point in the schedule meets its deadline. Note that this is a
relatively weak definition since an "empty" schedule that is idle
at all times trivially satisfies it (since the definition does
not require any kind of work conservation). *)
Definition all_deadlines_met (sched: schedule PState) :=
forall j t,
scheduled_at sched j t ->
job_meets_deadline sched j.
(* To augment the preceding definition, we also define an alternate
notion of "all deadlines met" based on all jobs included in a
given arrival sequence. *)
Section DeadlinesOfArrivals.
(* Given an arbitrary job arrival sequence ... *)
Variable arr_seq: arrival_sequence Job.
(* ... we say that all arrivals meet their deadline if every job
that arrives at some point in time meets its deadline. Note
that this definition does not preclude the existence of jobs in
a schedule that miss their deadline (e.g., if they stem from
another arrival sequence). *)
Definition all_deadlines_of_arrivals_met (sched: schedule PState) :=
forall j,
arrives_in arr_seq j ->
job_meets_deadline sched j.
End DeadlinesOfArrivals.
(* We observe that the latter definition, assuming a schedule in
which all jobs come from the arrival sequence, implies the former
definition. *)
Lemma all_deadlines_met_in_valid_schedule:
forall arr_seq sched,
jobs_come_from_arrival_sequence sched arr_seq ->
all_deadlines_of_arrivals_met arr_seq sched ->
all_deadlines_met sched.
move=> arr_seq sched FROM_ARR DL_ARR_MET j t SCHED.
apply DL_ARR_MET.
by apply (FROM_ARR _ t).
End AllDeadlinesMet.
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