Commit 0ceae791 authored by Björn Brandenburg's avatar Björn Brandenburg

note equivalence of assumptions in case of basic readiness

parent b59b3d3a
From rt.restructuring.behavior Require Export schedule.
From rt.restructuring.behavior.facts Require Import completion.
(* We define the readiness indicator function for the classic Liu & Layland
model without jitter and no self-suspensions, where jobs are always
......@@ -22,4 +23,24 @@ Section LiuAndLaylandReadiness.
Proof. trivial. Defined.
(* Under this definition, a schedule satisfies that only ready jobs execute
as long as jobs must arrive to execute and completed jobs don't execute,
which we note with the following theorem. *)
Theorem basic_readiness_compliance:
forall sched,
jobs_must_arrive_to_execute sched ->
completed_jobs_dont_execute sched ->
jobs_must_be_ready_to_execute sched.
move=> sched ARR COMP.
rewrite /jobs_must_be_ready_to_execute => j t SCHED.
rewrite /job_ready /basic_ready_instance /pending.
apply /andP; split.
- by apply ARR.
- rewrite -less_service_than_cost_is_incomplete.
by apply COMP.
End LiuAndLaylandReadiness.
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