Commit f2a481e9 authored by DEPRECATED (Jonathan Mace) (Use @JonathanMace instead)'s avatar DEPRECATED (Jonathan Mace) (Use @JonathanMace instead)
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Revise CMakeLists.txt again

parent cf312a29
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ set_target_properties(libxtrace
OUTPUT_NAME "xtrace"
PREFIX "lib"
target_link_libraries(libxtrace Threads::Threads ${Protobuf_LIBRARIES} ${Boost_LIBRARIES} )
target_link_libraries(libxtrace INTERFACE Threads::Threads ${Protobuf_LIBRARIES} ${Boost_LIBRARIES} )
# Introduce variables:
......@@ -47,4 +47,4 @@ install(TARGETS libxtrace DESTINATION "${CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR}")
add_executable (main src/ )
target_link_libraries(main Threads::Threads ${Protobuf_LIBRARIES} ${Boost_LIBRARIES} libxtrace)
target_link_libraries(main libxtrace)
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