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Local update on product.

parent 8d4fa046
......@@ -590,7 +590,18 @@ Section prod.
Lemma prod_updateP' P1 P2 x :
x.1 ~~>: P1 x.2 ~~>: P2 x ~~>: λ y, P1 (y.1) P2 (y.2).
Proof. eauto using prod_updateP. Qed.
Global Instance prod_local_update
(LA : A A) `{!LocalUpdate LvA LA} (LB : B B) `{!LocalUpdate LvB LB} :
LocalUpdate (λ x, LvA (x.1) LvB (x.2)) (prod_map LA LB).
- intros n x y [??]; constructor; simpl; by apply local_update_ne.
- intros n ?? [??] [??];
constructor; simpl in *; eapply local_updateN; eauto.
End prod.
Arguments prodR : clear implicits.
Instance prod_map_cmra_monotone {A A' B B' : cmraT} (f : A A') (g : B B') :
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