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Add an example why we need WeakMonoidHomomorphism.

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......@@ -30,7 +30,9 @@ Lemma monoid_right_id `{Monoid M o} : RightId (≡) monoid_unit o.
Proof. intros x. etrans; [apply monoid_comm|apply monoid_left_id]. Qed.
(** The [Homomorphism] classes give rise to generic lemmas about big operators
commuting with each other. *)
commuting with each other. We also consider a [WeakMonoidHomomorphism] which
does not necesarrily commute with unit; an example is the [own] connective: we
only have `True == own γ ∅`, not `True own γ ∅`. *)
Class WeakMonoidHomomorphism {M1 M2 : ofeT} (o1 : M1 M1 M1) (o2 : M2 M2 M2)
`{Monoid M1 o1, Monoid M2 o2} (f : M1 M2) := {
monoid_homomorphism_ne : NonExpansive f;
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