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docs: new frame-step rules

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......@@ -176,8 +176,8 @@ The following rules can be derived for Hoare triples.
{\hoare{\prop * \propC}{\expr}{\Ret\val. \propB * \propC}[\mask]}
{\hoare{\prop}{\expr}{\Ret\val. \propB}[\mask] \and \toval(\expr) = \bot}
{\hoare{\prop * \later\propC}{\expr}{\Ret\val. \propB * \propC}[\mask]}
{\hoare{\prop}{\expr}{\Ret\val. \propB}[\mask] \and \toval(\expr) = \bot \and \mask_2 \subseteq \mask_2 \\\\ \propC_1 \vs[\mask_1][\mask_2] \later\propC_2 \and \propC_2 \vs[\mask_2][\mask_1] \propC_3}
{\hoare{\prop * \propC_1}{\expr}{\Ret\val. \propB * \propC_3}[\mask \uplus \mask_1]}
{\prop \vs[\mask \uplus \mask'][\mask] \prop' \\
......@@ -584,8 +584,8 @@ This is entirely standard.
{}{\propB * \wpre\expr[\mask]{\Ret\var.\prop} \proves \wpre\expr[\mask]{\Ret\var.\propB*\prop}}
{\toval(\expr) = \bot}
{\later\propB * \wpre\expr[\mask]{\Ret\var.\prop} \proves \wpre\expr[\mask]{\Ret\var.\propB*\prop}}
{\toval(\expr) = \bot \and \mask_2 \subseteq \mask_1}
{\wpre\expr[\mask]{\Ret\var.\prop} * \pvs[\mask_1][\mask_2]\later\pvs[\mask_2][\mask_1]\propB \proves \wpre\expr[\mask \uplus \mask_1]{\Ret\var.\propB*\prop}}
{\text{$\lctx$ is a context}}
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