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Show an interesting lemma about the core

parent 124eea15
......@@ -40,5 +40,14 @@ Section core.
Lemma coreP_elim P : PersistentP P coreP P - P.
Proof. rewrite /coreP. iIntros (?) "HCP". unshelve iApply ("HCP" $! P); auto. Qed.
End core.
Lemma coreP_wand P Q :
(coreP P Q) (P Q).
- iIntros (HP) "HP". iDestruct (coreP_intro with "HP") as "#HcP".
iClear "∗". iAlways. by iApply HP.
- iIntros (HPQ) "HcP". iDestruct (coreP_mono _ _ HPQ with "HcP") as "HcQ".
iDestruct (coreP_elim with "HcQ") as "#HQ". done.
End core.
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