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prove sts.opening

parent 88fe2819
......@@ -93,7 +93,20 @@ Section sts.
( φ s' own StsI γ (sts_auth sts.(st) sts.(tok) s T))
pvs E E ( inv StsI sts γ φ own StsI γ (sts_frag sts.(st) sts.(tok) S' T')).
intros Hstep Hin Hcl. rewrite /inv -(exist_intro s').
rewrite later_sep [(_ ▷φ _)%I]comm -assoc.
rewrite -pvs_frame_l. apply sep_mono; first done.
rewrite -later_intro.
transitivity (pvs E E (own StsI γ (sts_auth sts.(st) sts.(tok) s' T'))).
{ by apply own_update, sts_update. }
apply pvs_mono. rewrite -own_op. apply equiv_spec, own_proper.
split; first split; simpl.
- intros _. by eapply closed_disjoint.
- intros ?. split_ands; first by solve_elem_of-.
+ done.
+ constructor; [done | solve_elem_of-].
- intros _. constructor. solve_elem_of-.
End sts.
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