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......@@ -64,12 +64,13 @@ Global Instance inv_always_stable N P : AlwaysStable (inv N P) := _.
Lemma always_inv N P : ( inv N P)%I inv N P.
Proof. by rewrite always_always. Qed.
(* We actually pretty much lose the abolity to deal with mask-changing view
shifts when using `inv`. This is because we cannot exactly name the invariants
any more. But that's okay; all this means is that sugar like the atomic
triples will have to prove its own version of the open_close rule
by unfolding `inv`. *)
(* TODO Can we prove something that helps for both open_close lemmas? *)
(* There is not really a way to provide versions of pvs_openI and pvs_closeI
that work with inv. The issue is that these rules track the exact current
mask too precisely. However, we *can* provide abstract rules by
performing both the opening and the closing of the invariant in the rule,
and then implicitly framing all the unused invariants around the
"inner" view shift provided by the client. *)
Lemma pvs_open_close E N P Q :
nclose N E
(inv N P (P - pvs (E nclose N) (E nclose N) (P Q))) pvs E E Q.
......@@ -158,6 +158,11 @@ Lemma pvs_mask_frame_mono E1 E1' E2 E2' P Q :
P Q pvs E1' E2' P pvs E1 E2 Q.
Proof. intros HE1 HE2 HEE ->. by apply pvs_mask_frame'. Qed.
(* It should be possible to give a stronger version of this rule
that does not force the conclusion view shift to have twice the
same mask. However, even expressing the side-conditions on the
mask becomes really ugly then, and we have now found an instance
where that would be useful. *)
Lemma pvs_trans3 E1 E2 Q :
E2 E1 pvs E1 E2 (pvs E2 E2 (pvs E2 E1 Q)) pvs E1 E1 Q.
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