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    • Robbert Krebbers's avatar
      Let the malloc expression non-deterministically yield NULL. · fdcc90dd
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      * This behavior is "implementation defined" and can be turned on and off
        using the Boolean field "alloc_can_fail" of the class "Env".
      * The expression "EAlloc" is now an r-value of pointer type instead of an
      * The executable semantics for expressions is now non-deterministic. Hence,
        some proofs had to be revised.
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      Fix bugs in pointer operations · baaee9e0
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      * Equality comparison of NULL and non NULL pointers should be defined
      * Pointer comparisons, casts, and truth should only be defined for pointers
        that are alive
      * Treat dead pointers as indeterminate values in refinements. The proofs that
        all operations preserve refinement indicate that dead pointers can be indeed
        by replaced by anything without affecting the program's behavior.
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    • Robbert Krebbers's avatar
      Changes in preparation of the C type system and C front-end language · 3503a91f
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      Major changes:
      * Make void a base type, and include a proper void base value. This is necessary
        because expressions (free, functions without return value) can yield a void.
        We now also allow void casts conforming to the C standard.
      * Various missing lemmas about typing, weakening, decidability, ...
      * The operations "free" and "alloc" now operate on l-values instead of r-values.
        This removes some duplication.
      * Improve notations of expressions and statements. Change the presence of the
        operators conforming to the C standard.
      Small changes:
      * Use the classes "Typed" and "TypeCheck" for validity of indexes in memory.
        This gives more uniform notations.
      * New tactic "typed_inversion" performs inversion on an inductive predicate
        of type "Typed" and folds the premises.
      * Remove a horrible hack in the definitions of the classes "FMap", "MBind",
        "OMap", "Alter" that was used to let "simpl" behave better. Instead, we have
        defined a tactic "csimpl" that folds the results after performing an
        ordinary "simpl".
      * Fast operation to remove duplicates from lists using hashsets.
      * Make various type constructors (mainly finite map implementations) universe
        polymorphic by packing them into an inductive. This way, the whole C syntax
        can live in type, avoiding the need for (slow) universe checks.
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      Various changes. · bb9d75d9
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      * Parametrize refinements with memories. This way, refinements imply typing,
        for example [w1 ⊑{Γ,f@m1↦m2} w2 : τ → (Γ,m1) ⊢ w1 : τ]. This relieves us from
        various hacks.
      * Use addresses instead of index/references pairs for lookup and alter
        operations on memories.
      * Prove various disjointness properties.
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    • Robbert Krebbers's avatar
      Lots of refactoring. and new results on permutations and list containment. · 361308c7
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      The refactoring includes:
      * Use infix notations for the various list relations
      * More consistent naming
      * Put lemmas on one line whenever possible
      * Change proofs into one-liners when possible
      * Make better use of the "Implicit Types" command
      * Improve the order of the list module by placing all definitions at the start,
        then the proofs, and finally the tactics.
      Besides, there is some new machinery for proofs by reflection on lists. It is
      used for a decision procedure for permutations and list containment.
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    • Robbert Krebbers's avatar
      Support sequence point, add permissions, and update prelude. · 415a4f1c
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      Both the operational and axiomatic semantics are extended with sequence points
      and a permission system based on fractional permissions. In order to achieve
      this, the memory model has been completely revised, and is now built on top
      of an abstract interface for permissions.
      Apart from these changed, the library on lists and sets has been heavily
      extended, and minor changed have been made to other parts of the prelude.
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    • Robbert Krebbers's avatar
      Various small changes. · 507a150a
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      * Define the standard strict order on pre orders.
      * Prove that this strict order is well founded for finite sets and finite maps.
        We also provide some utilities to compute with well founded recursion.
      * Improve the "simplify_option_equality" tactic to handle more cases.
      * Axiomatize finiteness of finite maps by translation to lists, instead of by
        them having a finite domain.
      * Prove many additional properties of finite maps.
      * Add many functions and theorems on lists, including: permutations, resize,
        filter, ...
  37. 12 Nov, 2012 1 commit
    • Robbert Krebbers's avatar
      Many relatively small changes. · 50dfc148
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      Most interestingly:
      * Use [lia] instead of [omega] everywhere
      * More many generic lemmas on the memory to the theory on finite maps.
      * Many additional list lemmas.
      * A new interface for a monad for collections, which is now also used by the
        collection tactics.
      * Provide an additional finite collection implementation using unordered lists
        without duplicates removed. This implementation forms a monad (just the list
        monad in disguise).