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      Various minor changes. · 4cda26dd
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      * Introduce a type class and notation for disjointness.
      * Define unions of finite maps (a lot of theory has still to be
        moved from memory to fin_maps).
      * Prove the Hoare rule for function calls with arguments.
      * Prove the Hoare rule to add sets of functions.
      * Some additional theory on lifting of assertions.
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      Major revision of the whole development. · 18669b92
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      The main changes are:
      * Function calls in the operational semantics
      * Mutually recursive function calls in the axiomatic semantics
      * A general definition of the interpretation of the axiomatic semantics  so as
        to improve reusability (useful for function calls, and also for expressions
        in future versions)
      * Type classes for stack independent, memory independent, and memory extensible
        assertions, and a lot of instances to automatically derive these properties.
      * Many additional lemmas on the memory and more robust tactics to simplify
        goals involving is_free and mem_disjoint
      * Proof of preservation of statements in the smallstep semantics
      * Some new tactics: feed, feed destruct, feed inversion, etc...
      * More robust tactic scripts using bullets and structured scripts
      * Truncate most lines at 80 characters
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