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define readiness for jobs with self-suspensions

...and define a job's total suspension time.
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Require Export rt.restructuring.behavior.all.
Require Export rt.restructuring.analysis.definitions.progress.
Require Export rt.util.nat.
(** * Job Parameter for Jobs Exhibiting Self-Suspensions *)
(** We define a job's self-suspension parameter as follows: after having
received a given number of units of service [rho], a job [j] may either
self-suspend for a given duration [d], in which case
[job_suspension j rho = d], or it may remain ready, in which case
[job_suspension j rho = 0]. Note that a job may self-suspend before
having received any service, which is equivalent to release jitter. *)
Class JobSuspension (Job : JobType) := job_suspension : Job -> work -> duration.
(** * Readiness of Self-Suspending Jobs *)
(** In the following section, we define the notion of "readiness" for
self-suspending jobs. *)
Section ReadinessOfSelfSuspendingJobs.
(** Consider any kind of jobs... *)
Context {Job : JobType}.
(** ... and any kind of processor state. *)
Context {PState : Type}.
Context `{ProcessorState Job PState}.
(** Suppose jobs have an arrival time, a cost, and exhibit self-suspensions. *)
Context `{JobArrival Job} `{JobCost Job} `{JobSuspension Job}.
(** We say that a job's last suspension (if any) of length [delay] has
passed at a given time [t] (i.e., the job is ready again) if the job
arrived at least [delay] time units ago and has not progressed within
the last [delay] time units. *)
Definition suspension_has_passed (sched : schedule PState) (j : Job) (t : instant) :=
let delay := job_suspension j (service sched j t) in
(job_arrival j + delay <= t) && no_progress_for sched j t delay.
(** Based on [suspensions_has_passed], we define the readiness model for
self-suspending jobs: a job is ready only when it is not self-suspended
and if it is not yet complete. *)
Global Program Instance suspension_ready_instance : JobReady Job PState :=
job_ready sched j t := suspension_has_passed sched j t && ~~ completed_by sched j t
Next Obligation.
move: H3 => /andP [PASSED UNFINISHED].
rewrite /pending. apply /andP. split => //.
move: PASSED. rewrite /suspension_has_passed /has_arrived => /andP [ARR _].
by move: ARR; apply leq_addk.
End ReadinessOfSelfSuspendingJobs.
(** * Total Suspension Time of a Job *)
(** Next, we define the notion of a job's cumulative suspension time. *)
Section TotalSuspensionTime.
(** Consider any kind of jobs... *)
Context {Job : JobType}.
(** ...where each job has a cost and may exhibit self-suspensions. *)
Context `{JobCost Job} `{JobSuspension Job}.
(** A job's total self-suspension length is simply the sum of the lengths of
all its suspensions. *)
Definition total_suspension (j : Job) := \sum_(0 <= ρ < job_cost j) job_suspension j ρ.
End TotalSuspensionTime.
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