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define dynamic self-suspension model

parent f4c8366a
Require Export rt.restructuring.model.readiness.suspension.
Require Export rt.restructuring.model.task.concept.
(** * Task Parameter for the Dynamic Self-Suspension Model *)
(** Under the dynamic self-suspension model, for each task, there is a bound on
the maximum total self-suspension duration exhibited by any job of the
task. *)
Class TaskTotalSuspension (Task : TaskType) := task_total_suspension : Task -> duration.
(** * Validity *)
(** In the following section, we specify the semantics of the dynamic
self-suspension model: each job self-suspends in total no longer than
specified by its associated task. *)
Section ValidDynamicSuspensions.
(** Consider any kind of jobs,... *)
Context {Job : JobType}.
(** ...where each job has a cost and may exhibit self-suspensions,... *)
Context `{JobCost Job} `{JobSuspension Job}.
(** ...and the tasks from which these jobs stem. *)
Context {Task : TaskType}.
Context `{JobTask Job Task} `{TaskTotalSuspension Task}.
(** Under the dynamic self-suspension model, the total self-suspension time
of any job cannot exceed the self-suspension bound of its associated
task. *)
Definition valid_dynamic_suspensions :=
forall j, total_suspension j <= task_total_suspension (job_task j).
End ValidDynamicSuspensions.
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