Commit 8e762b51 authored by Björn Brandenburg's avatar Björn Brandenburg
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introduce a utility lemma on points outside of intervals

Points before or after an interval are not in the interval...
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......@@ -120,6 +120,26 @@ Section NatLemmas.
End NatLemmas.
Section Interval.
(* Trivially, points before the start of an interval, or past the end of an
interval, are not included in the interval. *)
Lemma point_not_in_interval:
forall t1 t2 t',
t2 <= t' \/ t' < t1 ->
forall t,
t1 <= t < t2
-> t <> t'.
move=> t1 t2 t' EXCLUDED t /andP [GEQ_t1 LT_t2] EQ.
eapply leq_ltn_trans in INEQ; eauto;
by rewrite ltnn in INEQ.
End Interval.
Section NatOrderLemmas.
(* Mimic the way implicit arguments are used in ssreflect. *)
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