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From iris.heap_lang Require Export adequacy.
From tutorial_popl20 Require Export fundamental.
(** * Safety of semantic types and type safety based on that
We prove that any _closed_ expression that is semantically typed
is safe, i.e., it does not crash. Based on this theorem we then
prove _type safety_, i.e., any _closed_ syntactically well-typed
program does not get stuck. Type safety is a simple consequence of
the fundamental theorem of logical relations together with the
safety for semantic typing.
(** The following lemma states that given a closed program [e], heap
[σ], and _Coq_ predicate [φ : val → Prop], if there is a semantic
type [A] such that [A] implies [φ], and [e] is semantically typed
at type [A], then we have [adequate NotStuck e σ (λ v σ, φ
v)]. The proposition [adequate NotStuck e σ (λ v σ, φ v)] means
that [e], starting in heap [σ] does not get stuck, and if [e]
reduces to a value [v], we have [φ v]. *)
Lemma sem_gen_type_safety `{heapPreG Σ} e σ φ :
( `{heapG Σ}, A : sem_ty Σ, ( v, A v - ⌜φ v) ( e : A))
adequate NotStuck e σ (λ v σ, φ v).
......@@ -13,6 +31,9 @@ Proof.
by iIntros; iApply HA.
(** This lemma states that semantically typed closed programs do not
get stuck. It is a simple consequence of the lemma
[sem_gen_type_safety] above. *)
Lemma sem_type_safety `{heapPreG Σ} e σ es σ' e' :
( `{heapG Σ}, A, e : A)
rtc erased_step ([e], σ) (es, σ') e' es
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