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Add empty type in parametricity

parent 20cc2091
...@@ -21,4 +21,24 @@ Section parametricity. ...@@ -21,4 +21,24 @@ Section parametricity.
iSpecialize ("Hu" $! (exercise5_sem_ty Σ v)). iSpecialize ("Hu" $! (exercise5_sem_ty Σ v)).
wp_apply (wp_wand with "Hu"). iIntros (w') "Hw'". by iApply "Hw'". wp_apply (wp_wand with "Hu"). iIntros (w') "Hw'". by iApply "Hw'".
Qed. Qed.
(* REMOVE *) Definition exercise6_sem_ty Σ : sem_ty Σ :=
SemTy (λ w, False)%I.
Lemma exercise6 `{!heapPreG Σ} e (v : val) σ w es σ' :
( `{heapG Σ}, e : A, A)
¬ rtc erased_step ([e !]%E, σ) (of_val w :: es, σ').
(* REMOVE *) Proof.
intros He.
unfold not.
change False with ((λ _, False) w).
apply sem_gen_type_safety with (φ := λ _, False)=> ?.
exists (exercise6_sem_ty Σ). split.
{ by iIntros (?) "?". }
iIntros (vs) "!# #Hvs".
iPoseProof (He with "Hvs") as "He /=".
wp_apply (wp_wand with "He").
iIntros (u) "#Hu".
iApply ("Hu" $! (exercise6_sem_ty Σ)).
End parametricity. End parametricity.
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