Commit 9896799d authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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Merge branch 'ci/ralf/reftest' into 'master'

re-enable notation testing for Coq 8.10

See merge request FP/iris-coq!208
parents b036013f 68f44f23
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ test: $(TESTFILES:.v=.vo)
.PHONY: test
COQ_TEST=$(COQTOP) $(COQDEBUG) -batch -test-mode
COQ_OLD=$(shell echo "$(COQ_VERSION)" | egrep "^8\.(7|10)\b" > /dev/null && echo 1)
COQ_OLD=$(shell echo "$(COQ_VERSION)" | egrep "^8\.7\b" -q && echo 1)
COQ_MINOR_VERSION=$(shell echo "$(COQ_VERSION)" | egrep '^[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\b' -o)
tests/.coqdeps.d: $(TESTFILES)
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