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remove a stale comment

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......@@ -85,10 +85,9 @@ instance, such as lists. *)
Instance map_equiv `{ A, Lookup K A (M A), Equiv A} : Equiv (M A) | 20 :=
λ m1 m2, i, m1 !! i m2 !! i.
(** The relation [intersection_forall R] on finite maps describes that the
relation [R] holds for each pair in the intersection. *)
Definition map_Forall `{Lookup K A M} (P : K A Prop) : M Prop :=
λ m, i x, m !! i = Some x P i x.
Definition map_relation `{ A, Lookup K A (M A)} {A B} (R : A B Prop)
(P : A Prop) (Q : B Prop) (m1 : M A) (m2 : M B) : Prop := i,
option_relation R P Q (m1 !! i) (m2 !! i).
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