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More generic `Fresh` instance for `gset`.

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
(* This file is distributed under the terms of the BSD license. *)
(** This file implements finite maps and finite sets with keys of any countable
type. The implementation is based on [Pmap]s, radix-2 search trees. *)
From stdpp Require Export countable fin_maps fin_map_dom.
From stdpp Require Export countable infinite fin_maps fin_map_dom.
From stdpp Require Import pmap mapset set.
Set Default Proof Using "Type".
......@@ -265,15 +265,7 @@ Proof.
(** * Fresh elements *)
(* This is pretty ad-hoc and just for the case of [gset positive]. We need a
notion of countable non-finite types to generalize this. *)
Instance gset_positive_fresh : Fresh positive (gset positive) := λ X,
let 'Mapset (GMap m _) := X in fresh (dom Pset m).
Instance gset_positive_fresh_spec : FreshSpec positive (gset positive).
- apply _.
- by intros X Y; rewrite <-elem_of_equiv_L; intros ->.
- intros [[m Hm]]; unfold fresh; simpl.
by intros ?; apply (is_fresh (dom Pset m)), elem_of_dom_2 with ().
Instance gset_fresh `{Countable A, Infinite A} : Fresh A (gset A) :=
Instance gset_fresh_spec `{Countable A, Infinite A} : FreshSpec A (gset A) :=
......@@ -27,7 +27,12 @@ Proof.
(** * Fresh elements *)
Section Fresh.
(** We do not make [fresh_generic] an instance because it leads to overlap. For
various set implementations, e.g. [Pset] and [natset], we have an efficient
implementation of [Fresh], which should always be used. Only for specific set
implementations like [gset], which are not meant to be computationally
efficient in the first place, we make [fresh_generic] an instance. *)
Section fresh_generic.
Context `{FinCollection A C, Infinite A, !RelDecision (@{C})}.
Definition fresh_generic_body (s : C) (rec : s', s' s nat A) (n : nat) : A :=
......@@ -84,4 +89,4 @@ Section Fresh.
destruct (fresh_generic_fixpoint_spec X 0)
as (m & _ & -> & HnotinX & HbelowinX); auto.
End Fresh.
End fresh_generic.
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