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Merge branch 'robbert/seal_fresh_generic' into 'master'

Seal `fresh_generic`.

See merge request iris/stdpp!54
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......@@ -41,7 +41,11 @@ Qed.
various set implementations, e.g. [Pset] and [natset], we have an efficient
implementation of [Fresh], which should always be used. Only for specific set
implementations like [gset], which are not meant to be computationally
efficient in the first place, we make [fresh_generic] an instance. *)
efficient in the first place, we make [fresh_generic] an instance.
Since [fresh_generic] is too inefficient for all practical purposes, we seal
off its definition. That way, Coq will not accidentally unfold it during
unification or other tactics. *)
Section fresh_generic.
Context `{FinCollection A C, Infinite A, !RelDecision (@{C})}.
......@@ -52,12 +56,14 @@ Section fresh_generic.
| right _ => cand
Definition fresh_generic_fix : C nat A :=
Fix (wf_guard 20 collection_wf) (const (nat A)) fresh_generic_body.
Definition fresh_generic_fix_aux :
seal (Fix collection_wf (const (nat A)) fresh_generic_body). by eexists. Qed.
Definition fresh_generic_fix := fresh_generic_fix_aux.(unseal).
Lemma fresh_generic_fixpoint_unfold s n:
fresh_generic_fix s n = fresh_generic_body s (λ s' _, fresh_generic_fix s') n.
unfold fresh_generic_fix. rewrite fresh_generic_fix_aux.(seal_eq).
refine (Fix_unfold_rel _ _ (const (pointwise_relation nat (=))) _ _ s n).
intros s' f g Hfg i. unfold fresh_generic_body. case_decide; naive_solver.
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