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This file lists "large-ish" changes to the std++ Coq library, but not every
API-breaking change is listed.
## std++ master
Numerous functions and theorems have been renamed.
- Consistently use `set` instead of `collection`.
- Rename the `Collection` type class into `Set_`. Likewise, `SimpleCollection`
is called `SemiSet`, and `FinCollection` is called `FinSet`, and
`CollectionMonad` is called `MonadSet`.
- Rename `collections.v` and `fin_collections.v` into `sets.v` and `fin_sets.v`,
- Rename `set A := A → Prop` (`theories/set.v`) into `propset`, and likewise
`bset` into `boolset`.
- Consistently prefer `X_to_Y` for conversion functions, e.g. `list_to_map`
instead of the former `map_of_list`.
The following `sed` script should get you a long way:
## std++ 1.2.0 (released TBA)
Coq 8.9 is supported by this release, but Coq 8.6 is no longer supported. Use
std++ 1.1 if you have to use Coq 8.6. The repository moved to a new location: and automatically generated Coq-doc of
master is available at
This release of std++ received contributions by Dan Frumin, Hai Dang, Jan-Oliver
Kaiser, Mackie Loeffel, Maxime Dénès, Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers, and Tej
New features:
- New notations `=@{A}`, `≡@{A}`, `∈@{A}`, `∉@{A}`, `##@{A}`, `⊆@{A}`, `⊂@{A}`,
`⊑@{A}`, `≡ₚ@{A}` for being explicit about the type.
- A definition of basic telescopes `tele` and some theory about them.
- A simple type class based canceler `NatCancel` for natural numbers.
- A type `binder` for anonymous and named binders to be used in program language
definitions with string-based binders.
- More results about `set_fold` on sets and multisets.
- Notions of infinite and finite predicates/sets and basic theory about them.
- New operation `map_seq`.
- The symmetric and reflexive/transitive/symmetric closure of a relation (`sc`
and `rtsc`, respectively).
- Different notions of confluence (diamond property, confluence, local
confluence) and the relations between these.
- Define a `size` function for finite maps and prove some properties.
- More results about `Qp` fractions.
- More miscellaneous results about sets, maps, lists, multisets.
- Various type class utilities, e.g. `TCEq`, `TCIf`, `TCDiag`, `NoBackTrack` and
- Generalize `gset_to_propset` to `set_to_propset` for any `SemiSet`.
- Consistently use `lia` instead of `omega` everywhere.
- Consistently block `simpl` on all `Z` operations.
- The `Infinite` class is now defined using a function `fresh : list A → A`
that given a list `xs`, gives an element `fresh xs ∉ xs`.
- Make `default` an abbreviation for `from_option id` (instead of just swapping
the argument order of `from_option`).
- More efficient `Countable` instance for `list` that is linear instead of
- Improve performance of `set_solver` significantly by introducing specialized
type class `SetUnfoldElemOf` for propositions involving `∈`.
- Make `gset` a `Definition` instead of a `Notation` to improve performance.
- Use `disj_union` (notation `⊎`) for disjoint union on multisets (that adds the
multiplicities). Repurpose `∪` on multisets for the actual union (that takes
the max of the multiplicities).
- Consistently use the `set` prefix instead of the `collection` prefix for
definitions and lemmas.
- Renaming of classes:
+ `Collection` into `Set_` (`_` since `Set` is a reserved keyword)
+ `SimpleCollection` into `SemiSet`
+ `FinCollection` into `FinSet`
+ `CollectionMonad` into `MonadSet`
- Types:
+ `set A := A → Prop` into `propset`
+ `bset := A → bool` into `boolset`.
- Files:
+ `collections.v` into `sets.v`
+ `fin_collections.v` into `fin_sets.v`
+ `bset` into `boolset`
+ `set` into `propset`
- Consistently use the naming scheme `X_to_Y` for conversion functions, e.g.
`list_to_map` instead of the former `map_of_list`.
The following `sed` script should perform most of the renaming:
sed '
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