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      Attempt at an iInduction tactic. · 9eb50174
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      This comment mostly addresses issue #34.
      There are still some issues:
      - For iLöb we can write `iLöb (x1 .. xn) as "IH"` to revert x1 .. xn
        before performing Löb induction. An analogue notation for iInduction
        results in parsing conflicts.
      - The names of the induction hypotheses in the Coq intro pattern are
        ignored. Instead, when using `iInduction x as pat "IH"` the induction
        hypotheses are given fresh names starting with "IH". The problem here
        is that the names in the introduction pattern are idents, whereas the
        induction hypotheses are inserted into the proof mode context, and thus
        need to have strings as names.
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      Better implementation of iLöb. · efcef7e0
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