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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ Frumin, Glen Mével, Hai Dang, Hugo Herbelin, Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Jan Menz,
Jan-Oliver Kaiser, Jonas Kastberg Hinrichsen, Joseph Tassarotti, Mackie Loeffel,
Marianna Rapoport, Maxime Dénès, Michael Sammler, Paolo G. Giarrusso,
Pierre-Marie Pédrot, Ralf Jung, Robbert Krebbers, Rodolphe Lepigre, and Tej
Chajed. Thanks a lot!
Chajed. Thanks a lot to everyone involved!
The highlight of this release is the completely re-engineered interactive proof
mode. Not only did many tactics become more powerful; the entire proof mode can
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