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Flip cmra_morphism_core

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......@@ -162,7 +162,8 @@ Changes in Coq:
* Lemma `prop_ext` works in both directions; its default direction is the
opposite of what it used to be.
* Make direction of `f_op` rewrite lemmas more consistent: Flip `pair_op`,
`Cinl_op`, `Cinr_op`, `cmra_morphism_op`, `cmra_morphism_pcore`.
`Cinl_op`, `Cinr_op`, `cmra_morphism_op`, `cmra_morphism_pcore`,
* Rename `C` suffixes into `O` since we no longer use COFEs but OFEs. Also
rename `ofe_fun` into `discrete_fun` and the corresponding notation `-c>` into
`-d>`. The renaming can be automatically done using the following script (on
......@@ -768,7 +768,7 @@ Qed.
Section cmra_morphism.
Local Set Default Proof Using "Type*".
Context {A B : cmraT} (f : A B) `{!CmraMorphism f}.
Lemma cmra_morphism_core x : core (f x) f (core x).
Lemma cmra_morphism_core x : f (core x) core (f x).
Proof. unfold core, core'. rewrite -cmra_morphism_pcore. by destruct (pcore x). Qed.
Lemma cmra_morphism_monotone x y : x y f x f y.
Proof. intros [z ->]. exists (f z). by rewrite cmra_morphism_op. Qed.
......@@ -1597,7 +1597,7 @@ Instance discrete_fun_map_cmra_morphism {A} {B1 B2 : A → ucmraT} (f : ∀ x, B
split; first apply _.
- intros n g Hg x; rewrite /discrete_fun_map; apply (cmra_morphism_validN (f _)), Hg.
- intros. apply Some_proper=>i. by rewrite (cmra_morphism_core (f i)).
- intros. apply Some_proper=>i. apply (cmra_morphism_core (f i)).
- intros g1 g2 i. by rewrite /discrete_fun_map discrete_fun_lookup_op cmra_morphism_op.
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