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Document more naming conventions

Examples for I and SI: uPredI, uPredSI, iPropI, iPropSI.
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......@@ -114,5 +114,8 @@ is used by clients.
* R: cameras
* UR: unital cameras or resources algebras
* F: functors (can be combined with all of the above, e.g. OF is an OFE functor)
* G: global camera functor management
* G: global camera functor management (typeclass; see ``)
* I: bunched implication logic (of type `bi`)
* SI: step-indexed bunched implication logic (of type `sbi`)
* T: canonical structures for algebraic classes (for example ofeT for OFEs, cmraT for cameras)
* Σ: global camera functor management (`gFunctors`; see ``)
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