Commit 8b23578e authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Later stripping under more connectives. This fixes issue #77.

parent cd93b485
......@@ -235,6 +235,18 @@ Global Instance from_later_sep n P1 P2 Q1 Q2 :
FromLaterN n P1 Q1 FromLaterN n P2 Q2 FromLaterN n (P1 P2) (Q1 Q2).
Proof. intros ??; red. by rewrite laterN_sep; apply sep_mono. Qed.
Global Instance from_later_always n P Q :
FromLaterN n P Q FromLaterN n ( P) ( Q).
Proof. by rewrite /FromLaterN -always_laterN=> ->. Qed.
Global Instance from_later_forall {A} n (Φ Ψ : A uPred M) :
( x, FromLaterN n (Φ x) (Ψ x)) FromLaterN n ( x, Φ x) ( x, Ψ x).
Proof. rewrite /FromLaterN laterN_forall=> ?. by apply forall_mono. Qed.
Global Instance from_later_exist {A} n (Φ Ψ : A uPred M) :
Inhabited A ( x, FromLaterN n (Φ x) (Ψ x))
FromLaterN n ( x, Φ x) ( x, Ψ x).
Proof. intros ?. rewrite /FromLaterN laterN_exist=> ?. by apply exist_mono. Qed.
(* IntoWand *)
Global Instance wand_weaken_exact P Q : WandWeaken P Q P Q.
Proof. done. Qed.
......@@ -315,6 +327,7 @@ Global Instance from_sep_ownM (a b1 b2 : M) :
FromOp a b1 b2
FromSep (uPred_ownM a) (uPred_ownM b1) (uPred_ownM b2).
Proof. intros. by rewrite /FromSep -ownM_op from_op. Qed.
Global Instance from_sep_pure φ ψ : @FromSep M ⌜φ ψ⌝ ⌜φ⌝ ⌜ψ⌝.
Proof. by rewrite /FromSep pure_and sep_and. Qed.
Global Instance from_sep_always P Q1 Q2 :
......@@ -737,7 +737,8 @@ Tactic Notation "iNext" open_constr(n) :=
|lazymatch goal with
| |- IntoLaterNEnvs 0 _ _ => fail "iNext:" P "does not contain laters"
| _ => apply _
|lazy beta (* remove beta redexes caused by removing laters under binders*)].
Tactic Notation "iNext":= iNext _.
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