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establish some properties of STSs without tokens

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...@@ -450,3 +450,78 @@ Proof. ...@@ -450,3 +450,78 @@ Proof.
Qed. Qed.
End stsRA. End stsRA.
(** STSs without tokens: Some stuff is simpler *)
Module sts_notok.
Structure stsT := STS {
state : Type;
prim_step : relation state;
Arguments STS {_} _.
Arguments prim_step {_} _ _.
Notation states sts := (set (state sts)).
Canonical sts_notok (sts : stsT) : sts.stsT :=
sts.STS (token:=Empty_set) (@prim_step sts) (λ _, ).
Section sts.
Context {sts : stsT}.
Implicit Types s : state sts.
Implicit Types S : states sts.
Notation prim_steps := (rtc prim_step).
Lemma sts_step s1 s2 :
prim_step s1 s2 sts.step (s1, ) (s2, ).
intros. split; set_solver.
Lemma sts_steps s1 s2 :
prim_steps s1 s2 sts.steps (s1, ) (s2, ).
induction 1; eauto using sts_step, rtc_refl, rtc_l.
Lemma frame_prim_step T s1 s2 :
sts.frame_step T s1 s2 prim_step s1 s2.
inversion 1 as [??? Hstep]. inversion_clear Hstep. done.
Lemma prim_frame_step T s1 s2 :
prim_step s1 s2 sts.frame_step T s1 s2.
intros Hstep. apply sts.Frame_step with ; first set_solver.
by apply sts_step.
Lemma mk_closed S :
( s1 s2, s1 S prim_step s1 s2 s2 S) sts.closed S .
intros ?. constructor; first by set_solver.
intros ????. eauto using frame_prim_step.
End sts.
Notation steps := (rtc prim_step).
End sts_notok.
Coercion sts_notok.sts_notok : sts_notok.stsT >-> sts.stsT.
Notation sts_notokT := sts_notok.stsT.
Notation STS_NoTok := sts_notok.STS.
Section sts_notokRA.
Import sts_notok.
Context {sts : sts_notokT}.
Implicit Types s : state sts.
Implicit Types S : states sts.
Lemma sts_notok_update_auth s1 s2 :
rtc prim_step s1 s2 sts_auth s1 ~~> sts_auth s2 .
intros. by apply sts_update_auth, sts_steps.
End sts_notokRA.
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