Commit 84ba4ef5 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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Makefile tweaks

parent c8c586c9
......@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@ build-dep: phony
@# To achieve this, we create a fake opam package that has our build-dependencies as
@# dependencies, but does not actually install anything.
mkdir -p build-dep
# Create the build-dep package, add the pin and (re)install it.
@sed <opam 's/^\(build\|install\|remove\):.*/\1: []/; s/^name: *"\(.*\)" */name: "\1-builddep"/' > build-dep/opam
@fgrep builddep build-dep/opam >/dev/null || (echo "sed failed to fix the package name" && exit 1) # sanity check
# Compute the package name, add the pin and (re)install it.
@# Reinstallation is needed in case the pin already exists, but the builddep package changed.
@BUILD_DEP_PACKAGE="$$(egrep "^name:" build-dep/opam | sed 's/^name: *"\(.*\)" */\1/')"; \
opam pin add "$$BUILD_DEP_PACKAGE" "$$(pwd)/build-dep" -k path $(OPAMFLAGS) && \
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