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Conversion from coPset to gset positive.

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......@@ -315,9 +315,22 @@ Proof.
apply coPset_finite_spec; destruct X as [[t ?]]; apply of_Pset_raw_finite.
(** * Conversion from gsets of positives *)
(** * Conversion to and from gsets of positives *)
Lemma to_gset_wf (m : Pmap ()) : gmap_wf (K:=positive) m.
Proof. done. Qed.
Definition to_gset (X : coPset) : gset positive :=
let 'Mapset m := to_Pset X in
Mapset (GMap m (bool_decide_pack _ (to_gset_wf m))).
Definition of_gset (X : gset positive) : coPset :=
let 'Mapset (GMap (PMap t Ht) _) := X in of_Pset_raw t of_Pset_wf _ Ht.
Lemma elem_of_to_gset X i : set_finite X i to_gset X i X.
intros ?. rewrite <-elem_of_to_Pset by done.
unfold to_gset. by destruct (to_Pset X).
Lemma elem_of_of_gset X i : i of_gset X i X.
Proof. destruct X as [[[t ?]]]; apply elem_of_of_Pset_raw. Qed.
Lemma of_gset_finite X : set_finite (of_gset X).
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