Commit 4e59a653 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Remove ownM_something.

It is unused, and ownM_empty is stronger.
parent 406637f4
......@@ -1128,8 +1128,6 @@ Proof.
split=> n x /=; split; [by apply always_elim|unseal; intros Hx]; simpl.
rewrite -(persistent_core a). by apply cmra_core_monoN.
Lemma ownM_something : True a, uPred_ownM a.
Proof. unseal; split=> n x ??. by exists x; simpl. Qed.
Lemma ownM_empty : True uPred_ownM .
Proof. unseal; split=> n x ??; by exists x; rewrite left_id. Qed.
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