Commit 4dbfd13e authored by Dan Frumin's avatar Dan Frumin
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Apply suggestion to theories/program_logic/ectx_language.v

parent 1735272a
......@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ Section ectx_language.
rewrite -not_reducible -not_head_reducible. eauto using head_prim_reducible.
Lemma head_prim_fill_reducible_no_obs e K σ :
Lemma head_prim_fill_reducible_no_obs e K σ :
head_reducible_no_obs e σ reducible_no_obs (fill K e) σ.
Proof. intro. by apply fill_reducible_no_obs, head_prim_reducible_no_obs. Qed.
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