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% \end{mathpar}
\subsection{Invariant identifier namespaces}
\ralf{Describe this.}
Let $\namesp \ni \textlog{InvNamesp} \eqdef \textlog{list}(\textlog{InvName})$ be the type of \emph{namespaces} for invariant names.
Notice that there is an injection $\textlog{namesp\_inj}: \textlog{InvNamesp} \ra \textlog{InvName}$.
Whenever needed (in particular, for masks at view shifts and Hoare triples), we coerce $\namesp$ to its suffix-closure: \[\namecl\namesp \eqdef \setComp{\iname}{\Exists \namesp'. \iname = \textlog{namesp\_inj}(\namesp' \dplus \namesp)}\]
We use the notation $\namesp.\iname$ for the namespace $[\iname] \dplus \namesp$.
We will overload the usual Iris notation for invariant assertions in the following:
\[ \knowInv\namesp\prop \eqdef \Exists \iname \in \namecl\namesp. \knowInv\iname{\prop} \]
We define the inclusion relation on namespaces as $\namesp_1 \sqsubseteq \namesp_2 \Lra \Exists \namesp_3. \namesp_2 = \namesp_3 \dplus \namesp_1$, \ie $\namesp_1$ is a suffix of $\namesp_2$.
We have that $\namesp_1 \sqsubseteq \namesp_2 \Ra \namecl\namesp_2 \subseteq \namecl\namesp_1$.
Similarly, we define $\namesp_1 \sep \namesp_2 \eqdef \Exists \namesp_1', \namesp_2'. \namesp_1' \sqsubseteq \namesp_1 \land \namesp_2' \sqsubseteq \namesp_2 \land |\namesp_1'| = |\namesp_2'| \land \namesp_1' \neq \namesp_2'$, \ie there exists a distinguishing suffix.
We have that $\namesp_1 \sep \namesp_2 \Ra \namecl\namesp_2 \sep \namecl\namesp_1$, and furthermore $\iname_1 \neq \iname_2 \Ra \namesp.\iname_1 \sep \namesp.\iname_2$.
\ralf{Give derived rules for invariants.}
% \subsection{STSs with interpretation}\label{sec:stsinterp}
......@@ -184,6 +184,7 @@
%% various pieces of Syntax
\def\MU #1.{\mu #1.\spac}%
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