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start the heap construction: load from a heap is done... store, CAS, and...

start the heap construction: load from a heap is done... store, CAS, and singleton (mapsto) to be done
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......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ heap_lang/heap_lang.v
From heap_lang Require Export derived.
From program_logic Require Import ownership auth.
Import uPred.
(* TODO: The entire construction could be generalized to arbitrary languages that have
a finmap as their state. Or maybe even beyond "as their state", i.e. arbitrary
predicates over finmaps instead of just ownP. *)
Section heap.
Definition heapRA := mapRA loc (exclRA (leibnizC val)).
Context {Σ : iFunctorG} (HeapI : gid) `{!InG heap_lang Σ HeapI (authRA heapRA)}.
Context (N : namespace).
Implicit Types P : iPropG heap_lang Σ.
Implicit Types σ : state.
Implicit Types h g : heapRA.
Implicit Types γ : gname.
Local Instance heap_auth : AuthInG heap_lang Σ HeapI heapRA.
Proof. split; intros; apply _. Qed.
Notation to_heap σ := (Excl <$> σ).
Definition from_heap : heapRA state :=
omap (λ e, if e is Excl v then Some v else None).
Lemma from_to_heap σ : from_heap (to_heap σ) = σ.
apply map_eq=>l. rewrite lookup_omap lookup_fmap.
(* FIXME RJ: To do case-analysis on σ !! l, I need to do this weird
"case _: ...". Neither destruct nor plain case work, I need the
one that generates an equality - but I do not need the equality.
This also happened in algebra/fin_maps.v. *)
by case _:(σ !! l)=>[v|] /=.
(* TODO: Do we want to expose heap ownership based on the state, or the heapRA?
The former does not expose the annoying "Excl", so for now I am going for
that. We should be able to derive the lemmas we want for this, too. *)
Definition heap_own (γ : gname) (σ : state) : iPropG heap_lang Σ :=
auth_own HeapI γ (to_heap σ).
Definition heap_mapsto (γ : gname) (l : loc) (v : val) : iPropG heap_lang Σ :=
heap_own γ {[ l v ]}.
Definition heap_inv (h : heapRA) : iPropG heap_lang Σ :=
ownP (from_heap h).
Definition heap_ctx (γ : gname) : iPropG heap_lang Σ :=
auth_ctx HeapI γ N heap_inv.
Global Instance heap_inv_ne : Proper (() ==> ()) heap_inv.
move=>? ? EQ. rewrite /heap_inv /from_heap.
(* TODO I guess we need some lemma about omap? *)
Admitted. (* FIXME... I can't make progress otherwise... *)
Lemma heap_own_op γ σ1 σ2 :
(heap_own γ σ1 heap_own γ σ2)%I ((σ1 σ2) heap_own γ (σ1 σ2))%I.
Proof. (* TODO. *)
Lemma heap_own_mapsto γ σ l v :
(* TODO: Is this the best way to express "l ∉ dom σ"? *)
(heap_own γ σ heap_mapsto γ l v)%I ((σ !! l = None) heap_own γ (<[l:=v]>σ))%I.
Proof. (* TODO. *)
(* TODO: Prove equivalence to a big sum. *)
Lemma heap_alloc σ :
ownP σ pvs N N ( γ, heap_ctx γ heap_own γ σ).
rewrite -{1}[σ]from_to_heap.
rewrite -(auth_alloc heap_inv N); first done.
move=>n l. rewrite lookup_fmap. by case _:(σ !! l)=>[v|] /=.
Lemma wp_load_heap E γ σ l v P Q :
nclose N E
σ !! l = Some v
P heap_ctx γ
P (heap_own γ σ (heap_own γ σ - Q v))
P wp E (Load (Loc l)) Q.
rewrite /heap_ctx /heap_own. intros HN Hl Hctx HP.
eapply (auth_fsa heap_inv (wp_fsa (Load _) _) (λ _, True) id).
{ eassumption. } { eassumption. }
rewrite HP=>{HP Hctx HN}. apply sep_mono; first done.
apply forall_intro=>hf. apply wand_intro_l. rewrite /heap_inv.
rewrite -assoc. apply const_elim_sep_l=>Hv /=.
rewrite {1}[(ownP _)%I]pvs_timeless !pvs_frame_r. apply wp_strip_pvs.
rewrite -wp_load_pst; first (apply sep_mono; first done); last first.
{ move: (Hv 0%nat l). rewrite lookup_omap lookup_op lookup_fmap Hl /=.
case _:(hf !! l)=>[[v'||]|]; by auto. }
apply later_mono, wand_intro_l. rewrite left_id const_equiv // left_id.
by rewrite -later_intro.
{ eexists. eauto. }
{ split; first by apply _. done. }
End heap.
......@@ -21,14 +21,12 @@ Instance: Params (@auth_ctx) 8.
Section auth.
Context `{AuthInG Λ Σ AuthI A}.
Context (φ : A iPropG Λ Σ) {φ_ne : n, Proper (dist n ==> dist n) φ}.
Context (φ : A iPropG Λ Σ) {φ_proper : Proper (() ==> ()) φ}.
Implicit Types N : namespace.
Implicit Types P Q R : iPropG Λ Σ.
Implicit Types a b : A.
Implicit Types γ : gname.
Local Instance φ_proper : Proper (() ==> ()) φ := ne_proper _.
Lemma auth_alloc N a :
a φ a pvs N N ( γ, auth_ctx AuthI γ N φ auth_own AuthI γ a).
......@@ -84,7 +82,7 @@ Section auth.
step-indices. However, since A is timeless, that should not be
a restriction. *)
Lemma auth_fsa {X : Type} {FSA} (FSAs : FrameShiftAssertion (A:=X) FSA)
L `{!LocalUpdate Lv L} N E P (Q : X iPropG Λ Σ) γ a :
Lv L `{!LocalUpdate Lv L} N E P (Q : X iPropG Λ Σ) γ a :
nclose N E
P auth_ctx AuthI γ N φ
P (auth_own AuthI γ a ( a', ■✓(a a') ▷φ (a a') -
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