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CHANGELOG: mention the moving-things-around

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......@@ -3,14 +3,15 @@ way the logic is used on paper. We also mention some significant changes in the
Coq development, but not every API-breaking change is listed. Changes marked
`[#]` still need to be ported to the Iris Documentation LaTeX file(s).
## Iris 3.0~rc1
This version matches the ESOP submission.
## Iris 3.0 (unfinished)
* View shifts are radically simplified to just internalize frame-preserving
updates. Weakestpre is defined inside the logic, and invariants and view
shifts with masks are also coded up inside Iris. Adequacy of weakestpre
is proven in the logic.
* Renaming and moving things around: uPred and the rest of the base logic are
in [base_logic], while [program_logic] is for everything involving the
general Iris notion of a language.
* With invariants and the physical state being handled in the logic, there
is no longer any reason to demand the CMRA unit to be discrete.
* The language can now fork off multiple threads at once.
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