Commit 90ef23f7 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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Implement greatest fixed point inside the logic

Implementation is by Robbert <FP/iris-atomic!5 (comment 19496)>
parent 2e2c5c25
...@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ theories/base_logic/hlist.v ...@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ theories/base_logic/hlist.v
theories/base_logic/soundness.v theories/base_logic/soundness.v
theories/base_logic/double_negation.v theories/base_logic/double_negation.v
theories/base_logic/deprecated.v theories/base_logic/deprecated.v
theories/base_logic/lib/iprop.v theories/base_logic/lib/iprop.v
theories/base_logic/lib/own.v theories/base_logic/lib/own.v
theories/base_logic/lib/saved_prop.v theories/base_logic/lib/saved_prop.v
From iris.base_logic Require Import base_logic.
From iris.proofmode Require Import tactics.
Set Default Proof Using "Type*".
Import uPred.
(** Greatest fixpoint of a monotone function, defined entirely inside
the logic.
TODO: Also do least fixpoint.
Definition uPred_mono_pred {M A} (F : (A uPred M) (A uPred M)) :=
P Q, (( x, P x - Q x) - x, F P x - F Q x)%I.
Definition iGFix {M A} (F : (A uPred M) (A uPred M)) (x : A) : uPred M :=
( P, ( x, P x - F P x) P x)%I.
Section iGFix.
Context {M : ucmraT} {A} (F : (A uPred M) (A uPred M)) (Hmono : uPred_mono_pred F).
Lemma iGFix_implies_F_iGFix x : iGFix F x F (iGFix F) x.
iDestruct 1 as (P) "[#Hincl HP]".
iApply (Hmono P (iGFix F)).
- iAlways. iIntros (y) "Hy". iExists P. by iSplit.
- by iApply "Hincl".
Lemma F_iGFix_implies_iGFix x : F (iGFix F) x iGFix F x.
iIntros "HF". iExists (F (iGFix F)).
iIntros "{$HF} !#"; iIntros (y) "Hy". iApply (Hmono with "[] Hy").
iAlways. iIntros (z). by iApply iGFix_implies_F_iGFix.
Corollary iGFix_unfold x : iGFix F x F (iGFix F) x.
apply (anti_symm _); auto using iGFix_implies_F_iGFix, F_iGFix_implies_iGFix.
Lemma Fix_coind (P : A uPred M) (x : A) :
( y, P y - F P y) - P x - iGFix F x.
Proof. iIntros "#HP Hx". iExists P. by iIntros "{$Hx} !#". Qed.
End iGFix.
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