Commit 850e6c3c authored by Jacques-Henri Jourdan's avatar Jacques-Henri Jourdan
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Remove Admitted.

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......@@ -75,10 +75,16 @@ Section tests.
emp - P - Q - R - (P Q).
Proof. iIntros "#? HP HQ HR". iAlways. by iSplitL "HP". Qed.
(* We do not use section variables to avoid coq bug #5735. *)
Instance BU : BUpd PROP. Admitted.
Instance FU : FUpd PROP. Admitted.
Instance FUF : FUpdFacts PROP. Admitted.
(* This is a hack to avoid avoid coq bug #5735: sections variables
ignore hint modes. So we assume the instances in a way that
cannot be used by type class resolution, and then declare the
instance. as such. *)
Context (BU0 : BUpd PROP * unit).
Instance BU : BUpd PROP := fst BU0.
Context (FU0 : FUpd PROP * unit).
Instance FU : FUpd PROP := fst FU0.
Context (FUF0 : FUpdFacts PROP * unit).
Instance FUF : FUpdFacts PROP := fst FUF0.
Lemma test_apply_fupd_intro_mask E1 E2 P :
E2 E1 P - |={E1,E2}=> |={E2,E1}=> P.
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