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Clarify comment.

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......@@ -667,8 +667,9 @@ Tactic Notation "iSpecializeCore" open_constr(H)
spatial hypotheses for both proving the premises of the lemma we
specialize as well as those of the remaining goal. We can only use it when
the result of the specialization is persistent, and no modality is
eliminated. As an optimization, we do not use this when only universal
quantifiers are instantiated. *)
eliminated. We do not use [tac_specialize_persistent_helper] in the case
only universal quantifiers and no implications or wands are instantiated
(i.e [pat = []]) because it is a.) not needed, and b.) more efficient. *)
let pat := spec_pat.parse pat in
lazymatch eval compute in
(p && bool_decide (pat []) && negb (existsb spec_pat_modal pat)) with
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