Commit 465dd9f4 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Some results about `frac_auth` by Danny and Ales.

parent d44bf0ee
......@@ -105,4 +105,17 @@ Section frac_auth.
intros. by apply auth_update, option_local_update, prod_local_update_2.
Lemma frac_auth_update_alloc q a b c :
( n : nat, {n} a {n} (c a))
! a !{q} b ~~> ! (c a) !{q} (c b).
Proof. intros ?. by apply frac_auth_update, op_local_update. Qed.
Lemma frac_auth_dealloc q a b c `{!Cancelable c} :
! (c a) !{q} (c b) ~~> ! a !{q} b.
apply frac_auth_update.
move=> n [x|] /= Hvalid Heq; split; eauto using cmra_validN_op_r.
eapply (cancelableN c); by rewrite ?assoc.
End frac_auth.
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