Commit 2a8c9e10 authored by Robbert Krebbers's avatar Robbert Krebbers
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Rearrange arguments of exist_destruct_later to avoid type class loops.

parent 50638ab2
......@@ -872,8 +872,8 @@ Global Instance exist_destruct_exist {A} (Φ : A → uPred M) :
ExistDestruct ( a, Φ a) Φ.
Proof. done. Qed.
Global Instance exist_destruct_later {A} P (Φ : A uPred M) :
Inhabited A ExistDestruct P Φ ExistDestruct ( P) (λ a, (Φ a))%I.
Proof. rewrite /ExistDestruct=> ? ->. by rewrite later_exist. Qed.
ExistDestruct P Φ Inhabited A ExistDestruct ( P) (λ a, (Φ a))%I.
Proof. rewrite /ExistDestruct=> HP ?. by rewrite HP later_exist. Qed.
Lemma tac_exist_destruct {A} Δ i p j P (Φ : A uPred M) Q :
envs_lookup i Δ = Some (p, P)%I ExistDestruct P Φ
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