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docs: fix \box properties

parent fe66881e
......@@ -498,8 +498,8 @@ A type $\type$ being \emph{inhabited} means that $ \proves \wtt{\term}{\type}$ i
{\always{\prop} \proves \prop}
\always{(\prop * \propB)} &\proves& \always{(\prop \land \propB)} \\
\always{\prop} * \propB &\proves& \always{\prop} \land \propB \\
\always{(\prop \land \propB)} &\proves& \always{(\prop * \propB)} \\
\always{\prop} \land \propB &\proves& \always{\prop} * \propB \\
\always{\later\prop} &\provesIff& \later\always{\prop} \\
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