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      Hide the proof mode entailment behind a definition. · 8574d1ea
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      This solves issue #100: the proof mode notation is sometimes not printed. As
      Ralf discovered, the problem is that there are two overlapping notations:
      Notation "P ⊢ Q" := (uPred_entails P Q).
      And the "proof mode" notation:
      Notation "Γ '--------------------------------------' □ Δ '--------------------------------------' ∗ Q" :=
        (of_envs (Envs Γ Δ) ⊢ Q%I).
      These two notations overlap, so, when having a "proof mode" goal of the shape
      `of_envs (Envs Γ Δ) ⊢ Q%I`, how do we know which notation is Coq going to pick
      for pretty printing this goal? As we have seen, this choice depends on the
      import order (since both notations appear in different files), and as such, Coq
      sometimes (unintendedly) uses the first notation instead of the latter.
      The idea of this commit is to wrap `of_envs (Envs Γ Δ) ⊢ Q%I` into a definition
      so that there is no ambiguity for the pretty printer anymore.
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      Use different module structuring of uPred. · 766dbcd2
      Robbert Krebbers authored
      This fixes the following issue by JH Jourdan:
        The fact of including uPred_[...] in the module uPred (in base_logic.v),
        implies that typeclasses instances are declared twice. Once in module
        uPred and once in module uPred_[...]. This has the unfortunate
        consequence that it has to backtrack to both instances each time the
        first one fails, making failure of type class search for e.g.
        PersistentP potentially exponential.
        Goal ((□ ∀ (x1 x2 x3 x4 x5: nat), True -∗ True) -∗ True : iProp Σ).
          Time iIntros "#H".
          Remove Hints uPred_derived.forall_persistent : typeclass_instances.
          Time iIntros "#H".
      Thanks to Jason Gross @ Coq club for suggesting this fix.
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