Commit fb7c4710 authored by Tej Chajed's avatar Tej Chajed Committed by Ralf Jung
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Fix unexpected implicit binder warning

Coq master is stricter about checking for meaningless implicit binders;
parent 84804f05
......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ Instance: Params (@of_envs) 1 := {}.
Arguments of_envs : simpl never.
Definition envs_entails_aux :
seal (λ {PROP : bi} (Γp Γs : env PROP) (Q : PROP), of_envs' Γp Γs Q).
seal (λ (PROP : bi) (Γp Γs : env PROP) (Q : PROP), of_envs' Γp Γs Q).
Proof. by eexists. Qed.
Definition envs_entails {PROP : bi} (Δ : envs PROP) (Q : PROP) : Prop :=
envs_entails_aux.(unseal) PROP (env_intuitionistic Δ) (env_spatial Δ) Q.
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