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Merge branch 'move-global-func' into 'master'

Move global functor to base_logic

Sorry to bring this up again, I just think it's important to get this as right as we can, right now. ;)

This moves the global functor and dynamic composeable ownership to `base_logic`. The reasoning behind this is that if someone builds another program logic in our base logic, they will likely want to re-use this, so it makes more sense to have it in base_logic than in program_logic.

The rule for stuff to be in program_logic is: It depends on the Iris' notion of a language, or on world satisfaction (i.e., on our specific way to do invariants). Thus, `saved_prop` also moves to `base_logic` and becomes reusable by other program logics.
(If we want, we can talk about changing this to just "anything that depends on our notion of a language". Is it conceivable that our world satisfaction is reusable?)

When we talked about this previously, Robbert raised concerns about the name `iProp`. However, considering that we also have `iTactics` and use `I` for the `uPred_scope`, I feel like the letter "i" has already leaked way beyond `program_logic`, so this PR doesn't actually change anything. If you want, interpret `iProp` as "internal propositions", that even makes sense. ;)

Cc @robbertkrebbers @jjourdan

See merge request !18
parents 8c2608ed acdea9ec
......@@ -35,19 +35,23 @@ running:
* The folder [base_logic](base_logic) defines the Iris base logic and the
primitive connectives. It also contains derived constructions that are
entirely independent of the choice of resources.
* The subfolder [lib](base_logic/lib) contains some generally useful
derived constructions. Most importantly, it defines composeable
dynamic resources and ownership of them; the other constructions depend
on this setup.
* The folder [program_logic](program_logic) specializes the base logic to build
Iris, the program logic. Most crucially, this includes world satisfaction
and weakest preconditions. Furthermore, some language-independent derived
constructions (e.g., STSs) are defined in this folder.
* The folder [heap_lang](heap_lang) defines the ML-like concurrent heap language
* The subfolder [lib](heap_lang/lib) contains a few derived constructions
within this language, e.g., parallel composition.
Most notable here s [lib/barrier](heap_lang/lib/barrier), the implementation
and proof of a barrier as described in <>.
Iris, the program logic. This includes weakest preconditions that are
defined for any language satisfying some generic axioms, and some derived
constructions that work for any such language.
* The folder [proofmode](proofmode) contains the Iris proof mode, which extends
Coq with contexts for persistent and spatial Iris assertions. It also contains
tactics for interactive proofs in Iris. Documentation can be found in
* The folder [heap_lang](heap_lang) defines the ML-like concurrent heap language
* The subfolder [lib](heap_lang/lib) contains a few derived constructions
within this language, e.g., parallel composition.
Most notable here is [lib/barrier](heap_lang/lib/barrier), the implementation
and proof of a barrier as described in <>.
* The folder [tests](tests) contains modules we use to test our infrastructure.
Users of the Iris Coq library should *not* depend on these modules; they may
change or disappear without any notice.
......@@ -67,7 +67,9 @@ base_logic/big_op.v
......@@ -80,8 +82,6 @@ program_logic/language.v
From iris.program_logic Require Export iprop.
From iris.algebra Require Import iprod gmap.
From iris.base_logic Require Import big_op.
From iris.base_logic Require Export iprop.
From iris.proofmode Require Import classes.
Import uPred.
From iris.program_logic Require Export own.
From iris.base_logic Require Export own.
From iris.algebra Require Import agree.
From iris.prelude Require Import gmap.
Import uPred.
......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ From iris.program_logic Require Export weakestpre.
From iris.heap_lang Require Export lang.
From iris.heap_lang.lib.barrier Require Export barrier.
From iris.prelude Require Import functions.
From iris.base_logic Require Import big_op.
From iris.program_logic Require Import saved_prop sts.
From iris.base_logic Require Import big_op lib.saved_prop.
From iris.program_logic Require Import sts.
From iris.heap_lang Require Import proofmode.
From iris.heap_lang.lib.barrier Require Import protocol.
From iris.algebra Require Export sts.
From iris.program_logic Require Import own.
From iris.base_logic Require Import lib.own.
From iris.prelude Require Export gmap.
(** The STS describing the main barrier protocol. Every state has an index-set
From iris.program_logic Require Export own language.
From iris.base_logic Require Export lib.own.
From iris.program_logic Require Export language.
From iris.prelude Require Export coPset.
From iris.algebra Require Import gmap auth agree gset coPset.
......@@ -27,4 +28,4 @@ Instance subG_irisΣ {Σ Λ} : subG (irisΣ Λ) Σ → irisPreG Λ Σ.
intros [?%subG_inG [?%subG_inG
[?%subG_inG ?%subG_inG]%subG_inv]%subG_inv]%subG_inv; by constructor.
\ No newline at end of file
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